Hello, 2019 + Blog Anniversary!

January 01, 2019

Happy New Year babes! Twenty-nineteen. How?? I don't understand how these years keep flying by but here we are, another year come and gone. 2018 was so good to me-- like every year, there were ups and downs, but overall it was an amazing year. I learned lots about life and myself and I had the best people in the world by my side. Also, my blog turned two today?? This little space has been so much fun and I'm so glad I took the plunge and posted my first little post two years ago. 

As a new year brings new beginnings, and this wouldn't be a new year's post without some, here's some of my goals for this new year! 

YAY SELF CARE. This one's always on the top of my list every year and I find that it's really helped me out. Dealing with anxiety is pretty much a full time job but nothing has helped me more than paying attention to myself and how I'm feeling. Everything we feel is valid and if you gotta cry it out every once in a while, do it. Tomorrow is a new day and whatever you're feeling now will pass. Find what makes you happy and hold on tight.

CREATE MORE. Nothing makes me feel more alive than being creative. I took a huge step back from social media last year and while it much needed, I do miss the creative aspect of it. Photography and writing are my passion and I want to make it a priority of this year. I want to record lots of memories through photography and journaling and even dabble into some new mediums like video. Life is zooming by and I want to remember these moments forever.

MEET NEW PEOPLE. I tend to hermit myself a little. I don't mean to, it kinda just happens. Making friends as an adult isn't as easy as it was in like high school or college where you were surrounded by people every day. I have my group, a very solid one at that, but I do think it's healthy to go out and meet some new people. Humans are so lovely and inspiring and while opening up to new people isn't the easiest for me, I do want to let some more people in to my life that I can vibe with and be inspired by.

TIME MANAGEMENT. This one's really important, guys. I suck at managing my time well. Especially after college. I've fallen into such a routine-- waking up, putting in my 8-5 and coming home thinking I was too tired or didn't have time to do anything else. I read this quote one time and it went something like 'you have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce' and while I'm sure Beyonce has a million and one people helping her out with all the boring parts of being an adult like grocery shopping and laundry, it's right. There's always time. I refuse to live my life doing nothing but breathing and working. There's always time and if we utilize it, we'll be shocked to see how much we can do.

LEARN NEW STUFF. While I definitely don't miss the school part of college, I do really miss learning. I kinda started this towards the end of 2018, but I want to learn new things and pick up new hobbies. I started re-learning French, because I forgot everything I learned in the two years I took it in college, and started reading up on some Art History because I really enjoyed that back in school too. I have this goal to become the person who knows a little bit about everything and this year I want to learn some basics of a couple languages for travel purposes, get into yoga, take a pottery class or two, try out some video editing and film photography. I think learning should go way beyond school and it's a lot more fun when we aren't being graded on it.

Here's to another amazing year, I'm feeling really good about this one and am so excited to see what I can accomplish in 2019. I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season and that you're all ready for something amazing to happen.

xx, Tatianna☽

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  1. These are such great goals! I also love your photos!

  2. Time management! This is a huge one for me also. With two little kids and working from home, I need to better manage my time. Thank you for sharing

  3. Great post! One of my intentions for the new year is to create more as well! Your photos are beautiful as well! Happy New Year!

    -Madi xo

  4. happy bloganni!! also your photos are so cute, Happy new year! xo

  5. More self care and balance with life is definitely at the top of my vision board.

    1. vision board are my favorite way to layout any goals i have!

  6. Self care and learning new things are a theme for 2019 for me as well!

  7. Love your goals! Learning is always a great goal, especially languages. I think you understand the culture of a place more if you know at least a little of the language (says a current English teacher/former French teacher). Bonne chance!


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