Another year, another trip around the sun. I turned 25 just the other week. Twenty-five. A quarter of a century, half way through my twenties. Just the thought of that kinda makes my stomach do little flippy things. I know twenty-five isn’t old but I feel older. Maybe a little wiser too? I definitely don’t feel like I have it all together but some parts of me certainly do.

This last year was a huge growing year for me. Like, really huge. My relationships with friends and family are stronger, mental health better and overall happiness level is higher. Like many, I have this horrible, nasty habit of over analyzing every little thing I do, every choice I make, and I know now that it has been the number one thief of joy in my life. I was always so harsh on myself for not being where I thought I should be. I would compare myself to other people my age and feel disappointed in myself for not being where they were. Friends are getting married, having children and getting their own places and I’m just not there. Not even close. My growing points aren’t tangible things like cars or babies but I do feel like they are very important growing steps in one’s life.

I hate that society can make you feel like if you aren’t moving along a certain path or hitting big milestones by a certain time then there’s something wrong with you. What makes one person’s path better than someone else’s? There are seven billion little humans on this big beautiful earth, why would anyone want everyone to live the same life? People are doing amazing, inspiring things every day and I am in complete awe of people who are just so unapologetically themselves and I’ve decided to take a page from their books.

I’ve decided to just do what makes me happy and let everything else happen when it’s supposed to. Things will fall into place when they should so I’m just going to let the universe do its thing. I’m learning to let go of things I don’t have control over and I’ve seen a huge reduction in my anxiety because of it. Of course there’s always stresses in life; work, money, etc., but it’s not everything and any little bump in the road is just that, a bump in the road. Things will pass. It will be okay.

I woke up on my birthday in beautiful Bali. I’ve always had beef with my birthday and for some reason I’m cursed with some bad birthday juju or something. For as long as I can remember, every year something uhh.. not so according to plan happens. I thought the best way to combat that was to plan a birthday trip because how can I judge myself for not being where I should be when I’d be exactly where I’m meant to be while doing what I love most? Ironically enough, this was the one day of the trip where we had quite a few issues-- getting ripped off by our cab driver, a bad scooter incident and fleeing our airbnb because iguanas (long story)... BUT I kinda just laughed it all off because obviously that would happen to me and also because I was in freaking Bali! There were highlights of course! Like our amazing brunch and visiting an elephant park to feed and play with my favorite animals. I was so happy I almost died of cuteness! Elephants are the sweetest creatures to exist and I just wanted endless amounts of hugs.

Even with the couple bumps in the road, I had the best day ever. Best. Birthday Ever. It was the perfect start to hopefully an amazing year. I always come home from trips feeling super inspired and I love that if I’m ever feeling down about life I can look back to this trip and feel super happy about the road I’ve been on and feel inspired to get myself back on track.

Here's to another trip around the sun,
Tatianna xx