Happee Birthdae! - Party at Hogwarts

October 28, 2018

This weekend I celebrated my birthday with some pals and had the most magical time. My birthday technically isn't until next weekend but I'll be traveling and will actually be spending the whole of Halloween 35,000 feet up in the air so I really wanted to combine the two occasions and do something fun with friends before I left. The best combo I could think of? Halloween & Harry Potter. Yup, it doesn't get much better than that.

I never throw a party without a theme and I can never not go all out. As always, I went a little OTT with the whole thing but I'm really happy with how it all came together. I had fun coming up with the decor and even more fun with all the DIY's. I didn't just want to throw a HP themed party, I wanted it to feel like it was Halloween night at Hogwarts.. except I really don't think Quidditch beer pong would be allowed haha. I think my favorite bit of it all was the cake! It was so fun to make and even more fun to eat. It was cookie butter flavored and DELICIOUS, I'll link the recipe down below!

I know this party makes it look like I'm turning 10 and not 25 but I'll never be too old step into the magical world of Harry Potter, always.

**HUGE shout out to my fav Dani for taking these detail shots
of everything because of course I completely forgot!**

cookie butter cake recipe

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  1. Happy early bday! This is the cutest theme ever, I'm a total potterhead myself! Slytherin forever <3


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