Happy first day of fall :)) We're officially in my favorite season / favorite time of the year. I'm desperately awaiting cooler weather but unfortunately, southern California is still dishing out some low-90's kinds of days. Not going to lie, I've been upping the air conditioner so I can lounge around in cozy socks and throw blankets

Fall means chunky sweaters and boots and the color orange and Halloween (my favorite holiday). It means coffee and pumpkin spice and candles and cozy nights in. The fall is when I feel the most in my element. I feel creative and I really thrive during this time of year. Anybody else a true fall baby? 

A perfect fall night would be spent by the fire (or candles if you're sans fireplace like me), reading a book and listening to some music. I put together a playlist to set the mood and decided to share it with you all! I've had this playlist on loop and honestly it's made me feel so happy, I hope you enjoy it too!