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June 23, 2018

Happy Monday friends! Not gonna lie, it was soooo hard to get out of bed this morning-- it took some major convincing and the promise of a cuppa cold brew to get me up and ready for work today. This weekend was so fun so I guess I can't complain.

Last week I took some photos in one of my new favorite dresses and wanted to share them with you. I first saw it on Instagram and literally ran to my nearest Forever 21 to snatch it! I don't normally shop at F21 because being in those stores gives me anxiety and it's almost impossible to find like anything in there, but I really do love this dress! The citrus print is perfect for summer and the cut makes it the perfect dress to either dress up or down! I decided to go with the casual route, pairing it with my checkered Vans and this straw bag I purchased on Depop!


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  1. What a cute dress! And so clever to take the photos in front of the flowering bush - I didn't notice at first that the dress actually had citrus fruit on it because it blended so nicely with the flowers. I can see why you jumped on buying the dress!

  2. That dress is absolutely adorable -- it combines my two favorite trends for spring and summer; polka dots and floral. Plus, it's so flattering on you and these pictures are great.

    Lovely post! x


  3. This dress is adorable! F21 can definitely be an overwhelming store to shop in, but you can definitely find some amazing things when you take the time to look. (Personally, I would prefer to spend my time shopping online, because I can see the outfits on someone else first. Plus, it takes a great amount of energy for me to have to shop in person.)

  4. This dress looks adorable on you! I am the same way with Forever 21, it is very hit and miss. Glad you were able to find a keeper!

  5. One of our favorite places to visit! Looks like a fun visit!

  6. You look great! Very summer breeze feel.


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