Hey, loves! If you haven't heard of Glossier by now, well, you've been probably living under a rock.. totally kidding BUT for real, Glossier has completely taken the beauty world by storm. The cult beauty brand is all about fresh-faced and natural makeup and I am 100% here for it. Glossier was founded by Emily Weiss who actually released her first products through her blog, Into the Gloss... her BLOG. How insane is that?! From blog to beauty empire.. ugh, I love it.

Glossier had sold all of its products online until last year when it opened it's first permanent showroom in New York and just last month, when they put roots down in Los Angeles. The showroom in LA officially opened it's doors in May and I had been dying to visit since. Over the weekend I finally got go and it definitely didn't disappoint. Through the doors is a millennial-pink wonderland inspired by California's deserts and with all their products laid out, you can literally test out everything the brand offers.. and it was so hard not to spend hours doing just that. Once you've decided on the products you want (probably after convincing yourself you don't actually need one of everything) a rep comes to you and takes your order via iPad, and it gets brought out to you in the cutest little tote bag complete with the infamous pink pouch and sticker set.

I can't rave enough about all their products! I've tried out a few in the past; Wowder, Boy Brow and Generation G and loved them all. On this trip I took home a Cloud Paint and Lidstar, which made its debut earlier this year on freakin Beyonce of all people, and I'm obsessed with them both! I've only ever tried their makeup but I'm very interested in their skincare. Basically, if you love natural, fresh-faced makeup that leaves your skin dewy and looking like, well, skin and not like its been caked on with who-knows-what, then Glossier is worth a look at.

Have you ever tried Glossier? Have you visited one of their showrooms? Let me know!
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