photos by: Gianna and Koa!
Hi, everyone! Long time, no talk. I hate that I keep having to give my little apologies (which are starting to sound like lame excuses) for not posting consistently but I don't know.. I've just been finding it really hard to stay motivated. I'll come up with some ideas then end up hating them halfway and just scrapping it or I'll post something then want to delete it. I know it's quality or quantity but I'm feeling determined to put out some new content! With summer quickly approaching, I'm getting really excited for all the fun stuff I'll be doing.

I wanted to share some photos from last weekend with you guys! On Memorial Day, some friends and I went to Balboa Island for the day and it was so fun! The week prior had been so cold and gloomy and then on Monday we were given some perfect beach weather and some sunburns. I had never taken the ferry over from Newport Beach but it was such a cute little area. We walked along the boardwalk, ate pizza slices that were bigger than our heads and spent some time on the beach. It was a pretty crowded but it was the perfect end to the long weekend! :)

What did you do over the holiday weekend?
Tatianna xx