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June 23, 2018

5 Things.

June 16, 2018

Hey, everyone! I think these "5 Things" posts are turning into my favorites! I like that I can kinda throw what's been on my mind into a little post ☻ Especially when I'm feeling unmotivated or at a loss of creativity because really, theres always something on mind. Hope you all enjoy them too!

1. Now, technically, summer doesn't officially begin til Thursday, but we've been so lucky with some seriously gorgeous weather recently. The weather this year has completely thrown me off; we were still having cold and rainy days up until almost the end of May. I know May showers are normal in lots of places but definitely not in Southern California. The sun has been shining really high these last couple weeks and I've been dying to go outside and read under a tree.

2. How is it already summer?! Time has been flying by! I mean, we're pretty much half way done with 2018. It's been fun but it's also freaking me out a little how fast we're zooming through life. I feel like I really felt it this year with all the graduations we had in my family.... we're getting old. Our parents are getting old. I just need time to slow down a bit because it's coming a little to fast for me.

3. Making decisions has always been hard for me. I'm always stuck between what I think is right and what is actually best for me. Right now, I'm having to decide if I want to take a promotion to a more permanent position at work and I don't think I want it. I am nowhere near my dream job or field but I'm also torn between "getting a job right now isn't that easy" and "but I don't want years to flash before my eyes and I'm still unhappy at work" and "it's a stable income" and "I have to do what makes me happy regardless of money". It's a whole lot of back and forth in my head and my deadline to decide is rapidly approaching....we'll see.

4. This one is pretty random but I've been obsessing over Harry Potter recently??? I mean, I've always been obsessed but like I've been really loving it again. Like the 2014-tumblr-fangirl type of love. I'm not sure if it's because HP released the iPhone game and I've been playing nonstop or because I renewed my pass to Universal Studios but all I know is that I'm ready to read all the books again and have a full HP movie marathon this weekend!

5. This last one's a little deeper than I normally go but mental illness has been on my mind a lot lately. With the recent suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain it's kinda hard to ignore it. As someone who has dealt with anxiety and on and off depression since I was in high school, it's scary to think about how bad it can get. Mental health has been the topic of a lot of discussions lately and I wish people weren't so scared to ask for help or if only people knew how much just offering an ear to someone struggling could help. Guys, please seek help if you need it. Also, please check up on your friends. Let's all be there for each other. 

xx Tatianna

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June 09, 2018

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June 02, 2018

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