Hey, guys! I'm currently sitting at work trying my absolute hardest to not fall asleep haha. My flight from Portland landed at around 1am this morning and by the time I got home and went to bed I only had a couple hours of sleep before I had to get up and get to work.. I'm REALLY regretting not taking today off. While I'm dozing off at my desk, I keep thinking about my weekend and how unbelievably perfect it was and I'm just feeling super happy so I thought I'd give you all a little rundown of how it went.

It's funny how this trip came together; about a month or two ago, I saw I had a 3-day weekend and kinda just decided I wanted to go somewhere. I went to Portland for the first time January of last year and I loved it so much I'd been dying to go back. I casually mentioned it to my friend, Gianna, and before we knew it, she got her mom and sister on board and our flights were booked.

After making the trek from Los Angeles to Portland... with a 5-hour overnight layover in San Francisco... we made our way to our hotel. For this trip, we stayed at the Society Hotel and let me tell you, I have nothing but raving reviews for this place. Hands down the best hotel I've ever stayed at. Not only were the staff and location amazing, the place itself was gorgeous. It was so vintage looking with high ceilings, white brick walls and fire escapes outside every window. My favorite things were the little cafe in the lobby and the gorgeous rooftop with the prettiest view of downtown Portland.

We spent the weekend doing lots of walking.. and lots of eating. We made our way through all the donuts and as many cute little breakfast and lunch spots that we could fit in to one weekend. Last year when I was in Portland, I tried both Blue Star and Voodoo Donuts and decided Blue Star was the best; this time around I made my way to Pip's Donuts and oh my god best donuts in my opinion! They were sooo good! My favorite breakfast had to be French Toast Connection-- it was the cutest little food truck that served the best french toast I ever had. We ordered it and took over to the public market and ate it inside. Waffle Window was a close second; another quirky walk up drive-thru window thing that served some delicious sweet and savory waffles. As for lunch, the coolest place I've ever eaten at anywhere, was the Grilled Cheese Grill. Let me just try to explain how cool it was; it was set up to look like a little campground where you order your grilled cheese sandwiches from a vintage airstream then take it to eat inside a decked out school bus.... yes, a school bus. It's such a cool vibe and the grilled cheese was really good.

I think my favorite bit of the whole trip was visiting Cathedral Park under St. John's Bridge. Last year when we went, we didn't get to visit and my sister was pretty bummed about it so I made it a priority this time around. The park itself was gorgeous and there were wildflowers growing everywhere and lines and lines of cherry blossom trees (which were literally everywhere in Portland.. SO BEAUTIFUL) and the bridge itself was so big and grand, I loved it. That was definitely the moment of the trip where I just felt so in awe of how beautiful Portland was. Seriously recommend checking it out if you ever visit.

I could talk about this trip forever (and I probably will) but these were some of my favorite things about this weekend. I love Portland. I love that I got to travel with some amazing people. I'm just loving life right now. Need any Portland recommendations, ask away! What's been your favorite place to travel to? Let me know!

Tatianna x