Flower Fields Forever

April 08, 2018

Hi, loves! Hope everyone had a nice weekend! I'm super excited to share photos from our little adventure this weekend because I'm still not over how fun it was! Spring is my favorite because of all the beautiful flowers and I'm pretty sure heaven for me is a never ending flower field. Every year, The Flower Fields open up in Carlsbad for a couple months and people can go and see them and take photos. I sadly didn't get to go last year so I've been counting down the days til I could go this year!

A group of friends and I made the drive down early Saturday morning and we had the greatest time! I love San Diego so much and I'd been itching to go and the flower fields were a perfect excuse. We ended up spending like four hours at the fields just walking around taking photos in the different colored flowers. I can't even explain how far the fields stretch out but its just row after row of neatly lined flowers; it's absolutely breathtaking. Around this time of year, fields like this pop up everywhere and I wish I could spend every weekend getting lost in never-ending fields of wildflowers.

A Weekend in Portland

April 02, 2018

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