Photos by: Koa Flores

Hi, everyone! Hope your weekend has been nice so far :) Sundays are my favorite days because while they're super lazy and relaxing, they're also quite productive as it's usually my day to clean and get myself ready for another week. This weekend has been nice-- I got to spend some quality time with my friends which is always great. I haven't done a "5 Things" in a while so I thought I'd do another!

Here are some things that have been on my mind:

1. I'm finally feeling myself get over my little creative rut. I mentioned this in my previous post, but I was in this state where I felt like I had lost all my creativity and inspiration and it really bummed me out. This happens every once in a while and I hate it. I know it's all connected to my anxiety and it's just part of the roller coaster that is my mind but I really hate feeling like that. I didn't want to create, I didn't want to write, and it seemed every little thing I began I would end up hating before I finished. But luckily I've been feeling better and a little more motivated to work.

2. Just looking at these pictures is making me crave In-n-out again lol. I don't eat meat so my go-to is a grilled cheese and if I'm feeling extra I'll get some cheese fries... soooo good. Fun fact: I lived in Texas for two years (I hated it so much omg) and while I lived there they opened up an In-n-out and it was like the biggest deal in the world. I was so excited that I had a piece of California with me but then when I got it, it didn't taste the same to me :(

3. Daylight savings started today! As much as I hate that we're going to be losing an hour of sleep, I really do love that the sun will be setting later. My favorite days are the ones where it doesn't get dark until like 8pm. I'm just super excited about summer!

4. The weather has been so weird here in Southern California lately. We've had a quite a few weeks of low-60ish weather and while I know that isn't cold to like any other state, it's cold for us. It's also been raining on and off with warm days in between and I'm just ready for it to be summer! It's so crazy to me that there are places where it's still snowing. 

5. I go to Portland at the end of the month!! I'm so excited! I haven't been since January of last year and am so ready to be back! I fell in love with Portland the last time I was there; the orange bikes, the cute cafes and pretty trees-- ugh so magical. I'll definitely be taking lots of pictures and writing up another blog post or two.. maybe even filming a little while I'm there??!

I know this post was pretty random and if you've made it this far, then yay thank you for reading! What's been on your mind lately? Let me know!