At the start of every new year, people are fervently trying to stick to their newly made resolutions. I especially love this time of year because of how extra-motivated people are-- it's admirable and it pushes me to work harder. For 2018, I tried not to set myself this long list of resolutions because well, I didn't want to set myself up for failure.

I kept my list short and sweet, with self-care being at the top of it. I purposely did that because there are a ton of things that fall under the category of self-care-- taking care of myself physically, mentally, and spiritually. Long story short: if I'm doing something that will better me, I'm achieving my goals. Smart, right? I'm super hard on myself and get discouraged easily, and too many times have fallen victim to giving up when things don't go as planned so I decided to try out this new method.. (we'll see how this goes).

As inspired and motivated I feel going into this new year, I can't ignore the fact that I've been very stressed out. I know the holiday season is supposed to be a fun and happy time, but ironically enough it can get quite stressful and that's definitely something I'm still carrying on my shoulders. Anxiety, finances... it's kind of hard to brush that off even with my "new year, new me" attitude.

It's important to give ourselves "me" time to unwind and re-focus our energy. Treat yourself. Buy yourself flowers. Take a long, hot bath. Paint your nails. Read your favorite book under the fluffiest blanket. Remember, you can't conquer the world when you're not taking care of yourself. Even the boss-iest of girl bosses leave time for themselves.

Breathe. You got this.
Tatianna x