Golden Gate Girl

January 20, 2018

The second day of our trip was definitely the most touristy but also the most fun! When I travel, I usually try to stay away from the super touristy areas because I feel like you get the most out of whatever place you're visiting when you hang where the locals do BUT there are some places you just have to go see. Like, what's a trip to San Francisco without visiting the Golden Gate Bridge or Fisherman's Wharf?

I really loved the Wharf because there was so much to see and the street vendors and artists are just so classic California. The sea lions were cute, the seagulls were scary (I hate birds), and the clam chowder bread bowl from Boudin was delicious. I don't understand why watching bread be made is so fascinating but we literally stood there for so long. Also, I couldn't visit the Wharf without stopping at Musee Mecanique to live out all my Princess Diaries and Girlboss dreams and the retro arcade machines and photo booths stole my heart!

Walking across the Golden Gate Bridge was so surreal. It's moments like those when I'm reminded how beautiful my home state is. It was massive and so grand and just jaw-droppingly beautiful. There were locals working out, running/biking across, cars zooming by, and tourists snapping photos. The walk across isn't very long but time definitely seemed to slow down and I really enjoyed every minute of it. We timed our walk so that on our way back we'd get to see the sun set and watch all of SF's city lights turn on from a distance.

What we did:
Fisherman's Wharf
Lombard Street
Musee Mecanique
Boudin Bakery
Golden Gate Bridge
Ghiradelli Square

What we ate:
Boulangerie in Hayes Valley: super yummy breakfast. lattes are massive and served in a bowl... yes please.
Clam Chowder at Boudin Bakery: I had never had clam chowder before but apparently it was a must and let me tell ya, it is.
Bob's Donuts: this place was recommended to me by so many people and the long line outside was proof enough for us stop in. The donuts were delicious and they're open 24 hours so they're perfect for grabbing a last minute snack before heading back to your hotel.

Tatianna x

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  1. THESE PHOTOS I'm dead! Loving these San Fran posts

    1. thank you so much! I've been having so much fun working on these posts

  2. Yay so glad you made this post! Might be going to San Fran next year!

    1. no problem! if you need any recommendations, let me know! :)

  3. OMG thank you for this travel guide! When I am in California, I will definitely check out Boulangerie! Always looking for good places to eat!!

    1. no problem! and definitely check them out, they're so good!

  4. These pics are so dreamy! I need to go here!


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