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January 28, 2018

*cue the Full House theme song* Our last day in San Francisco was bittersweet; on one hand I was so sad to be leaving this gorgeous city but on the other hand I was exhausted from running on almost no sleep and couldn't wait to knock out in my own bed that night. Because time was limited, we went running all over the city trying to squeeze in some last minute sights and one last look at the Golden Gate Bridge (we loved it that much).

We kicked off breakfast at the cutest little cafe that had the dreamiest patio and honestly I wish I could've sat there all morning. We then made our way over to Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. Now, I've been to the one in LA but I really wanted to make sure I checked out the original one. We grabbed a cookie (which may have been the most delicious cookie I've ever had), snapped a pic, and went about our way.

Of course we had to stop at Alamo Square and check out the Painted Ladies. This was another place I wish I could have spent more time at. Of course, there were flocks of tourists crowding the Painted Ladies but the park itself was gorgeous. There were coffee trucks and tons of locals walking their dogs and all I wanted to do was grab a latte and pet every doggo that crossed my path. 

We then made our way up to Twin Peaks which is basically one of the highest points of the city. The view was amazing. I love a good city view and this one did not disappoint. We hung out up there for a little just taking it all in and took some fun photos. I also really enjoyed that it wasn't flooded with tourists, it was nice being able to appreciate the view privately.

We stopped off at the Golden Gate Bridge for one last look and to say goodbye to the city. We didn't have time to walk across it but we just took a step back and sat to admire it for a little bit. After that, we grabbed some lunch at this really good pizza place (it was at this point where we realized we had eaten pizza at some point every day on the trip haha) and headed out to the airport. I knocked out the second our plane took off but I left SF feeling really happy. I hope I can make my way up there again during the summer!

I really hope you've enjoyed my SF travel diary mini series and that if you're planning on visiting San Francisco this helps you out a little! 

Tatianna x

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  1. Always obsessing over your travel photos! I've really enjoyed the in depth posts about San Fran =) Can't wait to see where you go next!

  2. omg! the full house house! i've LOVED your San Francisco posts :)) never stop traveling girl <3

    1. yes the full house house! it was sooo fun! i'll never stop :)


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