Merry Christmas

December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas! Whatever you celebrate, I hope you've had the best holiday season! My family celebrates Christmas so it's been a wonderful day spent with them. Having a big family means we get to celebrate for two days-- we spend Christmas Eve with my dad's side of the family and Christmas Day with my mom's BUT we always make sure to spend a few hours in the morning just with each other.

I know lots of families have super special Christmas traditions and well, my family doesn't really have any. I'm not too sure why that is but I decided to start some this year. The first one was matching PJ's. I hadn't realized this was something that a lot of families did until recently, but I was over the moon when I got everyone to agree-- even my dad. The second little tradition we chose to start this year was Christmas breakfast. Normally, we would just eat whatever, whenever, but this year I wanted to make a special sit-down type of meal for us. It involved fritatta and waffles (aka two of my favorite breakfast foods) and a whole lot of coffee. It was so nice just sitting together around the table enjoying this perfect morning.

We spent the rest of the morning listening to Christmas music, exchanging gifts, and watched our favorite Christmas movie, Home Alone 2. Then, we got ready to head out to my aunt's house.. to do pretty much the same thing with the other half of my family. It was a whole lot of family time and I couldn't be happier. It's when we're all together that I'm the happiest. Today, while everyone was sitting in the living room just chatting away, I realized how quickly the time has gone. I remember being like five opening presents with my cousins, and today, those same cousins were sitting holding their own kids watching them open gifts. Wild. 

I hope you've all had the happiest holiday season everrr no matter what you're celebrating. Do you have some special family traditions? If so, what are some of your favorites? Let me know!
Until next time,
Stay Wild

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  1. That outfit is too cute! My favorite tradition has always been the matching pj's! I'm glad you had a great Christmas

    1. thank you so much! I loved having matching pjs, idk why we hadn't ever done it before!

  2. Absolutely adore that outfit!! You're too cute!

  3. Love your Christmas recap! And matching PJs and a great breakfast are two traditions I'm definitely going to have with my family one day. ps: obsessed with your outfit! xo Jen


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