The holiday season is in full swing and Thanksgiving came and snuck up on me a lot quicker than I was expecting. For real, how is already going to be December?! Despite how quickly it came, I was very excited for Thanksgiving. Of course I celebrate the holiday with my family, but I also love to celebrate it with my friends.

I love the idea of Friendsgiving-- the holidays are very family-oriented so I really like setting aside time to celebrate the amazing friendships I have and am very thankful for. This year was going to be our second annual celebration, and while we actually celebrated by going out for dinner last year, I decided to host Friendsgiving this year. I've always loved hosting and pretty much every party or get-together we have is held at my place.

I have so much fun planning events and I wanted to make this Friendsgiving extra special. I decided to go all out and really focused on the ambiance. I set the mood with lots of fairy lights, fun and soothing music, and simple fall-inspired decor pieces. The setting, along with a delicious menu, made for a very special night. It was an evening of enjoying each other's company and served as a great reminder of how important good friendships are. I truly appreciate each and every one of my friends and couldn't be more thankful for everything they have done for me. With the passing of Friendsgiving, then Thanksgiving with my family, I'm feeling super grateful for all the wonderful people in my life.

Do you celebrate Friendsgiving? If so, how did you celebrate this year?
*I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving, I'm so thankful for all of you*
Until next time,
Stay Wild