5 Things: Fall Edition.

October 16, 2017

Fall is finally here!... Well, kinda. The fall season is technically in full swing but with temperatures still in the mid-80's here in SoCal, it's a little hard to completely submerge yourself in all the fall festivities. While I can't whip out the boots and scarves just yet, I can still enjoy the new season in other ways, so here's another round of "5 Things."... but fall edition!

1. Pumpkin Spice Everything
Pumpkin spice for fall? Groundbreaking. I know this one is pretty cliche but once stores get into pumpkin spice mode, so do I. I made the switch over to pumpkin spice with pretty much everything I buy-- coffee, treats, candles, everything. In my defense, this season doesn't last too long so might as well enjoy it while it's here. My favorite thing at the moment? Pumpkin Spice Cheerios. They're amazing.

2. Hats
I know hats are pretty much a year round type thing but they've been my absolute obsession recently. From dad hats to felt brim hats, I love them all. I wasn't a huge fan of them until more recently, but now I pair them with almost everything. With the arrival of fall, I've been stocking up on felt brim and cabby-style hats and I can't wait to wear them! Also, they make for gorgeous room decor!

3. Candles
I'm a candle freak for sure-- I have lots of them in my room and pretty much all over the apartment. It doesn't matter if it's dead middle of the summer, I always have one lit. When the seasons change, so do my candles. Now that it's fall, I've whipped out the pumpkin scented ones and my place smells delicious. I check out the candle section pretty much everywhere I go and the one I'm currently burning is from Home Goods! Im obsessed.

4. Nails
Again, this isn't a fall-only thing, but I've been obsessed with getting my nails done recently-- more specifically, acrylics. I couldn't have nails at my old job so now that I'm somewhere where I could, I've been loving it. Nails make a great accessory and they make any outfit look extra put-together and polished and getting them done makes for a nice little pamper sesh (which we all deserve). I've been loving getting fun prints and colors and I'm obsessed with how they look in Instagram photos ;)

5. Disposable Cameras
I absolutely love taking pictures. I carry my DSLR with me pretty much everywhere I go and while I love it for more professional shots or shoots, I prefer fun, candid photos. For the candids, I usually always have my polaroid camera in my bag but recently decided to switch it up and try out a disposable camera. The nostalgia factor is the best-- I used to use these all them time when I was younger! With the holidays coming up, I think it'd be so fun to have these cameras out for friends and family to use throughout parties.

So that's it! Another 5 Things! I really enjoy these types of posts because they're constantly changing and it's fun to share any new products or items you've found and have been loving. What are some of your favorites at the moment? Let me know!

Until next time,
Stay Wild 

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  1. I spy an Oh Wonder cap! I love their music. Really like #5! That is a brilliant idea. I think I'll pick up a disposal camera myself this upcoming holiday season!

    Jenn | http://www.lepetittato.com/

    1. Ahh I'm obsessed with them! I was actually at their show in San Diego last night!

  2. I'm seriously obsessed with candles! I just ran out of my candle and need to get another one!

    1. I love them so much too! They make any room extra cozy and festive!

  3. Your pictures are literally so stunning! I haven't been a big pumpkin spice person but this season I've really been trying everything haha

    1. Thank you, that means so much to me! Ahh I hope you find something you love, pumpkin spice is my favorite!

  4. I love these types of posts! I can totally relate with all of your picks too! I need to add pumpkin spice cheerios to my grocery list.

  5. Ugh girl!! Your photos! I especially love the photo for number 2. How cute and cozy, love everything fall. Thanks for sharing!

  6. These are some great ideas for the fall season! Everything pumpkin for sure

  7. Oh my gosh - I'm obsessed with all of this! Especially that doormat!

  8. Oh Wonder <3 Love them!



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