Plant Shopping + DIY Pot Upcycling

September 03, 2017

I've mentioned before how plant crazy I am-- there's just something so fun about owning and caring for your own little plant babies (I call them babies because I tend to name them all). They're absolutely gorgeous and come in an endless array of colors and sizes so there truly is something for everyone-- PLUS the challenge of keeping them alive is always fun.

Walking around greenhouses and nurseries is something I don't think I'll ever get tired of and last weekend I had a free couple of hours to kill before I had somewhere to be, so my friend, Gianna and I went to a local greenhouse that we had never been to before. It was small but had tons of different plants inside AND I walked out with four new plant babies!


On this trip, I picked up four new plants so of course I needed to buy some pots to house them. As much as I love the minimal look of terra cotta pots, I thought it would be fun to upcycle some of them to give them a little upgrade, as well as add a pop of color to my room! The supplies are few and simple and possibilities are endless. I've seen these asymmetrical dipped pots all over Pinterest and thought they were simple enough to DIY and would be a fun addition to my window sill.

Directions | Tape off where you'd like to paint your pots with painter's tape and with your desired paint color, literally just paint. -- You can paint it on a slant, keep it symmetrical, paint just the top, add stripes, polka dots... literally anything.

I hope you enjoyed this post and the little DIY at the end!

Stay Wild

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  1. I love how your post is set up! so creative and the colors are stunning! keep it up babe xxx

  2. So cute! Love these photos! <3

  3. Love your tote bag & this looked like such a fun day!


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