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August 27, 2017

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I spent the first sixteen years of my life living no more than five minutes away from Disneyland-- the fireworks over my house always meant bedtime when I was little. Growing up in Anaheim meant visiting the parks a lot, and I've been super lucky to have an annual pass pretty much my whole life (and still do). Spending as much time as I have at Disneyland has made this place pretty special to me; I've made the most magical memories and the best of friends over the years.

Because I go as often as I do, visiting Disneyland isn't as huge of an ordeal for me as for someone who has spent months planning their trip. I love casual days in the park, whether its for a few hours on a weeknight to catch the fireworks or a proper full day. Because of how casual our visits are, it's fun to occasionally plan something a little extra fun. Last year, my friends and I decided to have an "end of summer" day at Disneyland where we went a little more all-out than usual with a full day and a character breakfast. It ended up being so much fun that we planned it again this year.

It's always hard to get our whole group together because everyone has their own busy schedules, but last weekend we managed to get us all together and had the perfect day. We kicked it off with breakfast at Plaza Inn, which was not only delicious, but extra magical because the characters walk around and come hang out at your table while you eat. We spent the day meeting characters, riding rides, and watching parades. This particular day was also a little extra special because it was the Main Street Electrical Parade's last day-- I've seen this parade hundreds of times since I was little, so seeing it's last run was a little sad BUT it had a good run... like a good 45 year long run.

 It was a perfect day with perfect friends and it reminded me of why Disneyland is so special to me. I'm sad to see the summer go but soooo excited for the holidays to return to the parks!

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