North Park, San Diego

August 20, 2017

Jacket: Urban Outfitters | Pants: H&M | Shoes: H&M

I LOVE San Diego. Like, really love it. More specifically, North Park. It's definitely one of my favorite places to spend the day. Sitting right next to the water, North Park offers an influx of trendy coffee shops, boutiques, bars, and cafes all within walking distance from each other, so your best plan of action is to park your car on one end and make your way through North Park's best.

The drive from Orange County to San Diego is absolutely gorgeous and we've been making the short trip almost every other month for the last year. In that time, I've been able to try and fall in love with a handful of places. If you ever find yourself in sunny San Diego make sure to check out these spots, I promise they won't disappoint.

Communal Coffee | Breakfast/Coffee
I could (and usually do) spend hours inside this gorgeous place. Communal is this coffee shop/flower shop hybrid that I never knew I needed in my life until I stumbled upon it. Like, come on... does it get much better than that?! Communal checks off all of my requirements: delicious coffee/food? check. gorgeous aesthetic? double check. great place to get some laptop time in? check. I can't visit San Diego without coming in at least once, usually twice, to grab a latte or iced coffee. A def must.

North Park Nursery | Plant Shopping
I am a certified crazy plant lady, I just love them so, sooo much. Walking around a nursery is one of my favorite things to do and North Park Nursery is one of my favorites to do so. Also, it's very conveniently located right next door to Communal Coffee. The two actually share a patio, so you can take your coffee and avocado toast over and enjoy them there.

Pigment | Shopping
I can never say enough great things about Pigment, it's absolutely gorgeous. I stop by every time I'm in North Park (and usually walk out with way more than I intended to). Pigment is a fun little boutique that sells a whole bunch of bits ranging from stationery to jewelry to clothing. My favorite part? They have a build-your-own terrarium spot. Yup, you read that right. It's like Build-a-Bear but for plant lovers. You pick your terrarium, your sand/rocks, and plants. They've also got hanging chairs to relax on, a "photo booth" spot (with a ring light-- gotta get that good lighting), AND a stunning pink ombré wall outside that I can't leave without snapping a picture in front of. All good things, all good things.

Holy Matcha | Tea Break
Holy Matcha is the newest of the bunch, but oh how it's climbed to the top of my list quickly. Inside, it's a green & pink wonderland with all the matcha-infused drinks and treats you could imagine. Lemonade, lattes, horchata, donuts, etc.-- my favorite? The rose lemonade; it has club soda in it so it's got that kombucha feel that I love oh so much. It's only downside is that it's pretty small but if you could snag a table, I highly recommend you take a seat and enjoy the vibe.

*PS. I know I left out good food spots-- we didn't eat in North Park on this particular day, BUT if you're looking for some lunch or dinner, I highly recommend Underbelly (ramen-- yum) or Urbn Pizza (double yum).

So that's it! I know I bombarded you with photos this week, but
I couldn't bear to leave out any gorgeous details.

Where to next? Until then,
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