August 13, 2017

Top: Ban.do | Jeans: Urban Outfitters | Shoes: Converse 

Downtown Fullerton is one my favorite places to hang around. It's basically the hub for the two colleges nearby-- there's coffee shops, thrift shops, tattoo shops (where I got my first tattoo!), really cool bars, and cafes. (DTF night life is a post all in itself so maybe that can be a future post?) During the summer, it's a little more quiet as a lot of students are away, but as fall draws near and students return to campus, the downtown area comes alive again. 

I've been loving early summer mornings before the sun gets too hot, and last Sunday I decided to go get some brunch at one of my favorite cafe's, take a peek at some shops, and grab a latte. All in all, it was a beautiful morning so I thought I'd take my camera to show you all what DTF has to offer. 

Brunch: Rialto Cafe | Rialto Cafe is this tiny, but oh so delicious, cafe. I've only ever had brunch there, but I've heard lunch is great too! My favorite definitely has to be the eggs benedict and Stumptown iced coffee. Getting a table can be kinda hard on the weekends because of how small it is, but it's totally worth getting up a little extra early for.

Stitch & Feather | Stitch & Feather is a cute little boutique that I'm completely obsessed with. Seriously, I can't go to DTF without taking a peek inside. They sell really cute clothing, candles, jewelry, and stationery-- and their aesthetic is to die for! 

Memo | Memo is a really cool thrift shop in DTF. You can find some pretty great items here-- they have a wide variety of clothing and fun accessories. It's the perfect place to find key pieces when Dapper Day at Disneyland rolls around! Also, if you love Disney, you can find some amazing vintage pieces!

The Found Shop | The Found Shop is a really fun and quirky store-- they sell literally everything. You can spend hours digging through all their stuff. They've got really cute stationery, mugs, birthday cards, bath stuff, and home decor pieces; but also really random stuff like individual scrabble letters and old school bingo cards... weird, I know BUT so much fun to look through.

Coffee Break | Dripp I LOVE Dripp! It's such a fun and chill place to go get a coffee with friends or take your laptop and study or ya know, work on your blog. The whole vibe is so nice and they have an amazing patio with string lights that make evening latte runs an absolute dream! Besides coffee, they have tea and hot chocolate served with homemade marshmallows that they torch right at the bar when you order! 

And that's it! If you ever find yourself in the area, I highly recommend you visit any of the places above! Where should I take you all next? Until then, 

Stay Wild

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  1. I'm obsessed with how you edit your pictures! Your blog is absolutely gorgeous I have to subscribe! Thanks for sharing x

  2. Your photos are making me want to come down for a visit. What a perfect way to spend the day!

    xo, Pri


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